The researches showed that winds blow 350 days in a year in Pag. In summertime, several winds are blowing during the day: In summer afternoons, usually blows light wind called Maestral, suitable for the surfers which do not incline to madcap stunts. In late afternoons, Maestral grows stronger so one can surf faster. Burin is the wind blowing from the north, stronger than Maestral, somewhat colder – and therefore more pleasant during summer, and allows faster windsurfing.


A prestigious tennis court is part of the caffee bar “AS” located between the local port and the Mali Dubrovnik beach. The tennis court is equipped for playing at night as well. In a relaxing atmosphere near the sea, enjoy the game and relax at the beautiful terrace of the café bar “AS” which offers a view of the entire Povljana bay!


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