Noa Beach Club is one of the most trendy and entertaining clubs in all Adriatic region. Settled above the water, offering an epic view of the clash of crystal Adriatic Sea and high Croatian mountains, combined with the top end music and entertaining experience, Noa offers life changing perspective of summer holidays.

To explore the true spirit of Croatia one needs to sail the azure blue waters of the Adriatic and discover its breathtaking islands. Although most of the islands are known for their pristine beauty, one of them became famous all around the globe for its legendary summer party nights. The name of the island is Pag, and if you seek true experience of reckless music entertainment, Noa Beach Club is the hottest spot on island. It is your destination and your destiny.

Noa Beach Club is proudly marching into new season of operation, with the impressive list of DJs in past, and some true world music sensations to come. Unforgettable music experience is guaranteed by world class DJs, state of the art sound system, 3D projections and laser show in combination with attractive performers and dancers. Besides that, club offers 11 bars, yacht berths and docking area, VIP areas, lounge chairs, pool, massage tables and much more.

Noa Beach Club is one of the most trendy and entertaining clubs in all Adriatic. Visit us at island of Pag, and expirience the true meaning of summer party.


– Professional team with over 15 years of experience-successfully active in tourism, events and festivals.
– Located on two levels above the sea–unique on the Adriatic coast
– Capacity of 4.000 guests
– High-end sound system
– 11 beverage areas with total length more than 200 meters
– Two additional warm-up clubs located on the beach
– After Beach Arena above the sea
– Yacht docking options
– 1500m2 beach area
– A square in front of club entrance for guests gatherings and additional club service
– Square serves as gathering point/ hanging out area for guests
– Square in front of club includes food & beverage zone, open air gym, volleyball court, ATM and shops

– Private island renting option, up to 50 guests
– Separate VIP area for 500 guests
– VIP parking


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